Viljandi Folk Music Festival Night takes place already on 6th of April and all the artists ar now public!

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Viljandi Folk Music Festival Night will once again take place at the Vaba Lava theatre centre in Telliskivi Creative City, where for one night, the stage will be taken by the first-class folk musicians, coming both from Estonia and abroad. On Friday night you can sit back to explore the mellow world of kannel tunes and enjoy the soundscapes created by skilled musicians playing together. Your dancing feet, on the other hand, will be challenged by the fiery masculine energy and dynamic contemporary folk bands.

Curly Strings (EE)
Duo Malva & Priks (EE)
Kalàscima (IT)
Kapela Maliszów (PL)
Maija Kauhanen (FI)
Mari Kalkun (EE)
Rüüt (EE)
Svjata Vatra (EE)
Söndörgő (HU)
Trad.Attack! (EE)

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