XXVI Viljandi Folk Music Festival announces the line-up by days. All the artists have now been confirmed and the programme manager Tarmo Noormaa is pleased.

“Of course it feels good that the programme is confirmed. Several months’ work finally pays off. The work doesn’t end here of course, now we have to put together the time schedule to make sure that every day is diverse and just the way a good festival should be. Then we can already start to think about next year so the work never really ends. Let me point out that all the stages have been confirmed as well and we are especially excited about the Youngster’s stage!” says Noormaa happily.

This year’s festival has a new Youngster’s stage, which is located in Tuletõrjehoov and reserved especially for the future folk music talents. During two days, the stage will be taken by artists like MandoTrio, Lekarerätten (Sweden), Hinrikus, Krüsban, Leitham, Duo Mänd/Krüsban, Gatyamadzag Zenekar (Hungary).
Well-known venues like Kirsimägi, Kaevumägi, Kultrahoov, Pärimusmuusika Ait and St John’s Church are present as well. Based on last year’s good experience, the Green stage is once again at Lauluväljak, this year’s night club is transferred into Kultrahoov.

XXVI Viljandi Folk Music Festival will take place on 26-29th of July in the castle hills and town center of Viljandi. The theme of the festival is “Full on!” which best reflects its youthful and bubbling energy.
The line-up by days:

THURSDAY: Gatyamadzag Zenekar (Hungary), Tanzhausgeiger (Austria), Nikns Suns, Ar-God (Estonia/Udmurtia), Kiharakolmio (Finland), Duo Mänd/Krüsban, Zetod, Debi Gogochurebi (Georgia), Puuluup, Ülemakstud Rentslihärrad, Kadrievi Orkestar (Macedonia), Dobranotch (Russia)

FRIDAY: Ethno Estonia, Blind concert, Hó-Ró (Scotland), Lõõtsavägilased, Kalàscima (Italy), Lekarerätten (Sweden), Duo Malva ja Priks, Estonian Voices, Juhan Uppin, Curly Strings, Päri Päri, Svjata Vatra, Black Bread Gone Mad, Jouhiorkesteri (Finland), Bombino (Niger), Hindrikus, Krüsban, Leitham, Untsakad, Dance house, Tintura

SATURDAY: Voorand-Koikson-Sooäär-Daniel and Girls’ Choir Ellerhein „Homage to Veljo Tormis“, MandoTrio, Cätlin Mägi "My harp – my heart!", Naised köögis, Kiharakolmio (Finland), Ar-God (Estonia/Udmurtia), The East Pointers (Canada), Gatyamadzag Zenekar (Hungary), Rüüt, Etnosfäär and Estonian Youth Mixed Choir, Lepaseree, Fränder (Estonia/Sweden), Kadrievi Orkestar (Macedonia), Duo Mänd/Krüsban, Puuluup, Dobranotch (Russia), Debi Gogochurebi (Georgia), Trad.Attack!, Angus, Dance House, Maarja Nuut & HH

SUNDAY: 100 Mandoliini, The East Pointers (Canada), Hinrikus, Krüsban, Leitham, Hó-Ró (Scotland), Sound of Dragon (China), Lekarerätten (Sweden), Suits ja Kool, Ando and friends, Lõõtsavägilased and Metsatöll

Day passes are available HERE
See you at the festival!