From today, the concert programme of the XXVI Viljandi Folk Music Festival is public by days, schedule and stages. Single concert tickets are now available as well!

According to the programme manager Tarmo Noormaa, this year’s programme is innovative in it’s structure: “This year, the programme is especially intense and the number of the concerts is higher to offer the festival audience an even richer and more exciting musical experience! There is one stage less but fourteen concerts more than last year - four days, seven stages and 74 concerts!”   

There are seven stages: A. Le Coq Kirsimäe Stage, Telia Kaevumäe Stage, Kultrahoov,  Children Stage, Youth Stage, Pärimusmuusika Ait and Jaani Church. “The performance can’t be more than 60 minutes long which is a challenge for the artists as well, they have to come up with a concentrated performance that would transmit the essence of the artist. Only exceptions are the night club in Kultrahoov and dance house in Pärimusmuusika Ait, which last longer to give everyone a chance to dance their heart out full on!” Noormaa added.   

Single concert tickets are available from today as well. The ticket sales manager Anu Rannu finds this situation to be unique: “The chance to buy single concert tickets next to festival passes is unique both in Estonia and in the world and our audience is already used to it. It is especially handy for locals because they have a good chance to come and enjoy the concerts of world class musicians who’ve come straight to their hometown.”

Rannu added that those interested in festival passes have to act fast. “Festival passes are almost sold out, but there are still daily passes left. Another patch of youngster’s passes will become on sale in the middle of June, so keep your eyes and ears open!”

“It is a very important moment for us each year, when the single tickets become available, because it means that the full programme is final. We always announce it with excitement and we believe that we can yet again surprise and delight our audience,“ said the head of the festival Ando Kiviberg and continued with compliments to the team: “Our amazing crew is a real dream-team. It’s with the help of those people that the best festival in the world can be born. Programme is yet again simply wonderful and the biggest folk music party in the Baltic region is going to the best, full on!”

The Viljandi Folk Music Festival takes place on 26-29th of July 2018 in castle hills and town centre of Viljandi.

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